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We collect two different junipers: Rocky Mountain Juniper (j. Scopulorum) are some of the very best and most highly sought after trees for bonsai! These junipers endure some of the harshest weather imaginable; they are full of character, with live veins curving and twisting around ancient dead wood. Our Common Juniper (j. Communis) can be just as impressive, though harder to find and collect. If you see one you like, snap it up! -- RMJ, can be found in bonsai collections throughout most of North America; do some research, but these trees will likely survive in your State.

More info about these Junipers:

Please inquire for prices and shipping quotes: or 307-359-2063


Another great RMJ! This one features some awesome deadwood. The dead trunk was loose at collection so it has been temporarily re-attached. You can make sure it's good and solid when re-potting. The tree would still be great without it, but we like it and figured we'd leave it's fate up to you.


Temporarily Unavailable. Look for progress and updates on this one in the future. Great things to come!

A killer RMJ here! Heavy trunk and plenty of deadwood. There appear to be two live veins in the pictures, but only one is living. The thick vein in front of the first few pictures is the live one. The other vein that curves around and across the back ("back" in those first images) is not living, but will be a very nice wood feature.


Another nice RMJ. Plenty of character to make a nice bonsai. This one had roots absolutely exploding out of the Anderson Flat last spring, so we made sure it was pulled up from the winter bed a bit earlier this year. One happy tree!